Mission Statement: Drama, Actors and the Origin of Ghost Players

When you look at the world outside today, you see our convenient materialistic western culture enables us to enjoy so-called drama/entertainment so easily with the development of mass media. And today's vast amusement parks/theme parks are like the museums with millions of ''experiences.'' ---In the end, we realize that those are not with masterpieces but mostly advertisements to manipulate our mind---We find exactly same things in seven hundred channels of video in TV. Recent Hollywood movies or major American musicals give us these supposed dramas. In those ''drama entertainments,'' sometimes hidden but always emerging excellence of the hero wins over all. These dramas may be diverting and money making but after all we will find that it is false---.While today’s those technologies and mass media are charming and comfortable, we see many of those performances are removed from the real life of theatre, as aerobics are from boxing.

Back in the old days, when theatre originated with Noh/Kabuki players, Greek masked players, African drummers, ritual practitioners---, the actors used to move their audience organically. People used to fear those players as ghosts who shake the hearts and souls of human being in the theatre, not because they received a complimentary review or had outstanding education in prestigious acting school, but because the audience truly feared their souls and spirits on stage..Now, there is something for us, actors to aim for.

If the actor strives to make his/her work or performance pure, gets out to the world and stand up on the stage, devoid of desire to manipulate, their drama must become pure and truly moving.

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